Case Profile

A Humberside Police Case conducted under Operation SMELT

An Employee of a large Electrical retailer, was using a Work provided Laptop to download Indecent Movies of children. He was also harvesting pictures from returned computers where innocent pictures of infants and children had been stored by the owners.

The perpetrator had been stealing returned hard drives, and so his collection of horror had been copied from one, to different previously owned drives.

Within hours of receiving the 1st exhibits David established the offender had been downloading to a particular drive, that had not been recovered.

The Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) was able to order a further search of the work premises and the questioned drive was found in the waste bin under a workbench.

Obviously the computer investigation was complicated by the previous innocent users of the hard drives and the need to separate the defendant's exploitation.

David was able to link the drives containing the offending material to the User Profile on the offender's Work Laptop, and show the continuity chain between them.

Just as important was the clear and precise explanation of the evidence so that the interviewing officers were able to understand and question appropriately.

The defendant initially denied the offences blaming the original innocent purchasers. In January 2012 he pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to all of the Humberside ‘child related’ offences and was sentanced to 6 1/2 years imprisonment.

A quote from the SIO; Detective Chief Inspector Steve HIBBITT, Humberside Police, Major Incident Team:

“May I thank you all for the hard work you put in to this enquiry, C MIT and SB during the initial response phase, B MIT officers engaged in the interviews and Sgt Martin COFFEY and his search teams.

May I particularly thank Dave BROWN of West Yorkshire Police for his Hi Tech examinations and advice.”