Computer Examination

Computers are a key source of evidence, and it is vital to any investigation that this is handled correctly. Experience is crucial for the process of data recovery and subsequent presentation. David is a recognised expert in Forensic Computing. He has been responsible for 100’s of examinations. David has been providing expert testimony since 2004, and has been commended by a High Court Judge for his ability to relate complicated digital evidence to a court and jury.

A quote from Judge Timothy Pontius, Blackfriars Crown Court 19th August 2008:

“I know the jury will have been as impressed as I was by the ability and expertise of Dc Brown who gave evidence of very considerable length and took time and trouble with the benefit of his expertise to explain in the clearest detail the evidence from the hard drives and disks, and indeed the technical evidence relating to the workings of the computers”

The 16 week trial related to the largest amount of digital evidence in a Terrorist Trial at that time.

Whether instructed by Prosecution or Defence the duty of the expert witness is to the court, to provide impartial knowledge-based opinion. With such a wealth of prosecution experience, David is in an excellent position, to comment and report, as to whether any prosecution evidence has been correctly obtained and interpreted.

Data Recovery

One of the worst problems an individual or an organisation can face these days is Data Loss. There are a range of sophisticated techniques that can be used to recover lost data, and our advice will cost nothing.

The aim is to provide a solution to your particular problem, and there is a wealth of experience to call on in this area.

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